Joining Vengeance Allstars

Before committing / joining Vengeance Allstars, we recommend that both parent and potential athletes come down for a free taster / trial session.

This is so both parent and potential athlete get a feel for the team, the coaches, whats involved and what is expected.

To arrange a free taster/trial session click on the free taster button at the top of this page or for more information on any of our classes, please contact the Programme Director : Natasha Whitehead


Tel: 07983204272.

How To Join / Payment of Fees

Read and complete our online forms including registering your payment details with our Direct Debit company and thats it. 


£35.00 annual membership fee .

Monthly Costs:

Recreational Cheer: From £7.00 per session.

Competitive Cheer: From £6.00 per hour.

Competition & Competition Uniform Fees:

If applicable, these will be explained to you but are also collected by Direct Debit.

**All monthly training/competition fees are collected by monthly Direct Debit set up by Vengeance Allstars using our collection company GoCardless Ltd. Payments are payable on the 1st  working day of each month.